Thistledown page 67


Wednesday — January 13th, 2010

Thistledown page 67

The tougher that tough bandit is, the tougher that tough bandit falls?

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News and Stuff...

State of the Comic

The end of chapter 3, finally!

On a sad note, it is also the end of updates for a while.  Yes, Tales of Thistledown is going on hiatus. The main reason is that I don’t have the time. Time to put in the effort the comic needs. Right now, I need to focus on my work that pays (and the reason I usually miss updates). Someday, I hope to have merchandise and a printed edition available, but current work must come first.

Another reason is that I need to take some time off from this medium, to experiment with other formats and stories. Originally, there were plans for short stories (and a spinoff) interweaving with the main story. Maybe I’ll work on those. Maybe I’ll come back to the animation I’ve been teasing and hinting at.

So, it is not dead, just in hibernation for a while. I have too much story to tell to just kill the project off. If you want to know when Thistledown starts up again, email me. I’ll be sure to let you know when something important happens (like an update or whatnot).

Thanks for reading! ~Ken