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December 2, 2014


A combination of illness recovery last week and my computer being a brat has resulted in no page this week. I hope to post behind-the-scenes and sneak peaks (from a different computer) while enjoying the relaxing progress of installation status bars over the next few days. At least it will be a fresh start for my computer.

Keep up to date with the progress on my Twitter and Tumblr. Let me know how you feel about the comic with an email or comment!

Update: The computer is doing well now, and progress is progressing on the next page. Next update will be after the holidays. Maybe I can build up a buffer during the wait? ...ha!

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November 26, 2014

Attack of...

the flu. We'll see if I can put together a page by tonight, or if it will be another week. Thank you for reading.

Update: this week's page is online! I have conquered the flus. ...flues? flews?

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